Pretium Commercial Brokerage provides commercial
real estate services focused on the
Office & Retail Sectors

Define The Objective

The purpose of our initial meeting is to learn more about the asset/business and the current objectives/challenges. Our purpose is to come up with the best strategy to achieve long-term financial goals for the asset/business.

Conduct Market Research

SWOT Analysis: Provide an in-depth and detailed analysis by visiting the property and the surrounding market. We will gather and provide vital information to help determine the property’s Strength, Weaknesses, Opportunities, & Threats.

GAP Analysis: Part of working with our clients is understanding the supply and demand conditions for the markets they are looking to enter or should be looking to enter. This type of research is typically referred to as a retail gap analysis.

Discuss Strategy

Provide viable options and determine best course of action to achieve the assets’/business’ objectives.

Into Action

Communication is key to any successful relationship. Our clients are updated on a monthly basis of the work being done to achieve the objective.

Negotiating The Deal

Help guide the process to ensure a successful negotiation for our client.

Monitoring The Deal

Help monitor the contract to ensure that all deal points will be completed according to the time frame of the contract period.

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